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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Std.9 English-U(III)-Ch(2)-Listen to the Mountain - by Leena Pradeep

Dear all,
              A power point presentation which can be used as an introduction to the lesson "Listen to the Mountain" in Std. 9 English - Unit 3
Leena Pradeep

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Std. 8 English - Lesson Plans by Leena Pradeep

Mrs. Leena Pradeep, HSA English of GHSS Kodungalloor has been a helping hand to many beginners, teacher trainees and those lazy ones who look for a model lesson plan / teaching manual. She is good at preparing TMs and generous in sharing it. English Blog thanks her on behalf of the teacher community in Kerala.

Mrs. Leena Pradeep
GHSS Kodungalloor

Std. 8 English - Unit 1 - Lesson Plan
Std. 8 English - Unit 2 - Lesson Plan
Std. 8 English - Unit 3 - Lesson Plan
Std. 8 English - Unit 4 - Lesson Plan
Std. 8 English - Unit 5 - Lesson Plan