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Friday, August 29, 2014

Plus One English - Unit I - Summary of 'His First Flight' and 'If'

    Here is a summary and review of His First Flight by Liam O’ Flaherty. This link was send to us by Mr. Thomas and Mr. Sebastian. Thank you very much for your sharing mentality...

Plus One English - Unit I - Summary of 'His First Flight'
Plus One English Unit I - Chapter IV - 'If'

    Read below to know how I got into trouble last time when I published the study material directly. Guys be careful.

Dear Rajeev,
               Please do keep in mind that www.iluenglish.com is a proprietary website and even though we really appreciate links to our website, we do not approve of any material being copied and served for downloading from other sources. We have noticed that one of our articles is offered for download from your website and may involve an infringement. We would really appreciate it if you kept only the hot-link and removed the download source.
Web admin, iluenglish
Dear Sir/Madam,
                           I am sorry for the mistake committed. I had only thought it in a positive way. As many of our teachers do not know how to use a material they find on the Internet I just made it as pdf so that they can use it easily.
The download link has been removed. Thank you very much for correcting my mistake.

Let us make things better..


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rrequests we received !!!!

Dear Teachers,
             English Blog receives a lot of emails everyday from students requesting various study materials. Teachers also ask for sample teaching manuals, handbooks etc. We cannot prepare all the materials. We too are teachers like you doing a free service. So we are publishing those requests here so that you can know what the demands of our students are.
  1. pls add summaries of +1 English. source book is not available 
  2. Sir..pls add study notes (plus one) -physics and chemistry 
  3. a new comment on your post "Plus One":

    I want some sample questions for physics and maths.these subjects are a little tough to me. 

  4. Sir I Need Text Book of Class 9 Unit -1 Roots ( English ) 
  5. sir,
    I am studing in 10th class. i want english medium question paper can u plezzz help me 

  6.  Sir , please upload 9th std & 10 std answer key
  7.  Sir, please upload all chapters briefly because many students hadn't gotten Plus One English course book yet.
  8.  i want plus 1  english notes or hand book.please help me.
  9.  Can you help me to improve my English language.
  10.  pls add textual questions 
  11. sir,could you please upload question papers for english medium students too..  
  12. sir,
    plzz add textual question & answers 
  13. thankyou sir english medium sslc orukkam muzhuvan subject kittan yendha vazhi sir  
  14. sir can you plz give me model question paper for 9th std physics chapter gravitation 
  15. sir add plus one new syllabus (2014)based study materials 4 english
  16. sir please please give the last year onam question paper.

    please sir, please give it,i pray 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Should we collect question papers of this First Term Exam ?

Many educational blogs are collecting the first term exam question papers.

So should we also collect them ?

Please comment....

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Std.10 English Unit 1- Chapter 4 - Once Upon a tIme - Slide Show

      A slide show for the effective teaching of the poem Once Upon a Time by Gabriel Okara has been prepared by Venkedesh G. of TDHS Kochi. Thank you sir for the presentation.

Venkedesh. G, TDHS, Kochi-02