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Monday, February 29, 2016

Last Minute Checklist for SSLC Students - by Ajmal Velap

Dear teachers and students,
                                             I have been teaching since 2004. I have never seen a teacher prepare or publish a last minute check list like the one that you are going to download prepared by Ajmal Velap. This will for sure help you make sure that you or your student have not missed any prose, poem or question item while revising for the exam...

Friday, February 26, 2016

Std. 8 English - Videos by Arunkumar A.R. of GB HSS, Chavara, Kollam

This is a collection of all the video lessons created by Arunkumar A.R. of GB HSS Chavara, Kollam District. He has created these videos in such a way that they suit to our class room purposes. 

The videos on Merchant of Venice was a work assigned to one of his 8th standard students named  Ashtami. She did it prepared it really well. While shooting it she had her own ideas of making it better.

Std.8 English - Merchant of Venice (Edited)

He has spent a lot of time and money on these videos. The only thing expected from you is your response. Hope that you will comment how useful it was to you.

Std.8 English - My Grandmother's House

Std.8 English - From a Railway Carriage


Std.8 English - The Village Blacksmith 

Std.8 English - The Song of the Flower 

Std.8 English - The Sower


Std.8 English - The Nightingale and the Rose


Std.8 English - A Ship Wrecked Sailor


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Plus One Botany - Instant Notes by Minhad M. Muhiyudeen

Dear all,
              Minhad M. Muhiyudeen started preparing these notes two years ago. Due to his busy schedule he could complete it only two weeks ago. Though it was sent to English Blog on 4th February 2016 somehow it went unnoticed. I feel extremely sorry for that. I humbly beg your pardon - Minhad and all Plus One students.


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Value of Pi - An effort by Subin Siby


Everyone must have heard of Pi, the irrational number that never ends. It goes by this :

Subin Siby has been learning about Pi since he was in 8th grade. All the time in school, he was curious about to which Pi extends.
Now, he knows the extend - Infinity : P. He dedicated his precious Christmas vacation for finding the useless value of Pi.
Why ? Curiosity. Simply, the curiosity made him do this. Besides, it's always fun to do something interesting.

English Blog knows him from his 8th Std. He has always thought differently. Kudos to this great effort.

To know more about this click here

Friday, February 12, 2016

Std. 8 English - Unit - The School for Sympathy - Video

All the English Teachers of Kerala who have attempted to do something with a difference in their class room are familiar with the name Arunkumar A.R. Those teachers must have come across his posts in You Tube and of course in English Blog too.

His latest product is exclusively for us Teachers.... who want to make teaching more effective.

In the last unit of Std.8 English text book we have "The School for Symapthy" by E.V. Lucas.

He has tried to make a teaching aid which can make our class active with discussions and activities through which the students will definitely improve their English.

The teacher can pause the video at regular intervals and have discussions, do activities and make the students read the text. 

So here it is... Please let him know feedback whether it be positive or negative. He is eager to know it either way...

Saturday, February 06, 2016

SSLC English - A+ Work Sheets by Muhammed Javed K.T.

Dear all,
             As we all know Reported Speech, Editing and Phrasal Verb questions have been always a difficult one for school students for years. In this post Muhammed Javed K.T. of Markaz HSS Karanthur gives us a chance to work out 40 exercises for Reported Speech questions and enough exercises for Editing and Phrasal Verbs. English Blog hopes that this will help you a lot.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

SSLC English - Phrasal Verbs - 8 Exercises by Abdullakutty E.

Phrasal Verbs is an area in SSLC English Question Paper where students can easily score marks. Abdullakutty E of Vadi Huda H.S. Omassery has collected 8 such exercises which you can practice to get good marks.