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Std. 6

If you want to contribute study materials of any sort please contact us on rajeevjosephkk@gmail.com

The following are video lessons prepared by Mr. Ramesh. To get updates of his videos please subscribe to his you tube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr4OUuPjRsWgQegIiWvmqDg/featured

Sujatha and the Wild Elephant

SCERT recently developed their site and some of the links below may not work properly for some time.
  1. Social Science Std.VI (Mal) Part-II :-Malayalam Medium
  2. Std.VI (Science) Part-I :-Tamil Version
  3. Std.VI-(Science) Part-II :-Tamil Version
  4. Basic Science Std.VI: Malayalam Medium
  5. Basic Science Std.VI: English Medium
  6. Maths IV-Vol-1
  7. Maths VI- Part II -English Medium
  8. Text Book for Class 6


    1. ഇതു വരെ കണ്ടതിൽ ഏറ്റവും നല്ല ഇംഗ്ലിഷ് ബ്ലോഗ് ഇതു തന്നെ. നന്നായി കഷ്ടപ്പെട്ടിട്ടുണ്ട് എന്നു മനസ്സിലായി. Hats off for you hard work. Regret for being late to visit your blog. I have some materials with me which I will send to your email id. Please publish it also.

    2. Dear Sir,
      You ought to be appreciated for this hard work. I have some suggestions as you have requested.

      Please add:

      1. Teaching manuals
      2. Grammar materials

    3. We expect more from you. Why didn't you announce about this site in the cluster?

    4. Thanks to Antony Sir who told us about this blog at the cluster. I pray all the teachers should help you to make this blog a big success.

    5. Puthiya items onnum ille Rajeevaa...

    6. Dear Sir,
      Right now there are three blogs available for English teachers in Kerala and your blog, I would say, is the easiest to use.

      Thank you for making it this much user friendly.

    7. So far the suggestions link was not active. Thats why I am late to comment here. I have been visiting your site since September and have found it really useful. I have already sent you some links. Thanks for adding them.

    8. Regret for being so late to visit your blog as another visitor said. Has been surfing the net for materials for months while it was all available in a single window here in your blog.I can under stand the hard work behind this. Nothing but this to say "Congratulations" and you have "Miles to go.....

    9. Very good Sir. And thank you very much

    10. Replies
      1. Do you need malayalam handwriting books.I dont know it is in this blog.But it is in the blog http://science4keralasyllabus.blogspot.in. In the downloads page.Try it .Please comment

    11. thank you for this great work and I bow before you for giving me this great opportunity