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Monday, August 21, 2017

First Term Exam 2017 - Std.10 English Answer Key by Javed K.T.

SSLC 2017 - ENGLISH - DCE Tvm - Adapted Resource Material for the Empowerment of Scholastically Backward Students

       For the SSLC Exam 2013 the District Centre For English Thiruvananthapuram under Dept. of General Education, Govt. of Kerala had prepared an - Adapted Resource Material for the Empowerment of Scholastically Backward Students. That was one of the most downloaded study materials that year and the subsequent years till the syllabus changed.Recently when I went through it I could see that if the old syllabus related pages are removed the study material is still relevant. Thus I did the same and here is the final one.

You will really like it for sure.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Std.10 English - Unit I & II - Reported Speech & Phrasal Verbs by Javed K.T.

Reported Speech carries 2 marks in SSLC, Std.9 and Std.8 English question papers. Javed K.T. sir has prepared for us a worksheet for practising Reported Speech. Students are requested to post answers as comments.

Phrasal Verb carries 4 marks in the exams. He has also prepared for us a list of phrasal verbs.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Reported Speech - Worksheets by Libin K. Kurian

I am sending a set of worksheets on Reported Speech based on units 1 & 2 Class 10. Hope it will be useful for our students and colleagues. 


Libin K. Kurian
HSA English

Std. 7 English - The Owl and the Pussy Cat - by Dipu Santhosh

Dear all,
It is very interesting when someone reads out a poem to us. Hearing the lines being recited helps us understand the poem better. With this in mind, I have made some short videos of poems read out, along with short introductions, from the English text book of Class 7.
Here is the first of the bunch. Special thanks to Dr. Lal C. A. for the script and narration..
Hope you will find it useful!

Thanking u in advance..
Dipu Santhosh

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Std.10 English-U(II)-Ch(3) - Blowin' in the Wind - Notes by Jisha K.

Mrs. Jisha K., who regularly shares with us study materials has prepared for us a note on 'Blowin' in the Wind' and English Blog is proud to publish it.

Mrs. Jisha K.
HSA English
Govt. Boys HSS Tirur

Monday, August 07, 2017

Phrasal verbs with go

Phrasal verbs with go

Go about something – set to work at it
  • We are not going about it in the right way.
Go ahead – start; make progress
Go after – try to obtain or overtake
  • There is no point in going after him.
Go away – leave home
Go back on / go back upon – withdraw from a promise etc.
  • He went back on his promise.
Go by – pass; be guided by
  • It is a good rule to go by.
Go down
When a ship goes down, it sinks. When the sea or wind goes down, it becomes calm. When a story goes down it becomes accepted by the reader.
  • His explanation didn’t go down well with his wife. (= His wife didn’t accept his explanation.)
Go for – attack; be sold for
  • That house went for a huge amount.
  • All his work went for nothing.
Go in for – take part in a competition, examination; take up as a hobby
  • He went in for gardening on retirement.
  • He goes in for classical music. (= He has a special interest in classical music.)
Go into – enter; examine
  • The investigators went into the evidence. (= The investigators examined the evidence.)
  • Let’s go into the details.
Go off – (of a gun) explode; (of food) lose quality
  • The milk has gone off.
  • The goods in this shop have gone off. (= The goods in this shop are now inferior to the goods in other shops.)
  • The gun went off all of a sudden.
Go off – have the result hoped for
  • The program went off well.
Go on – continue; happen
Go out – (of a fire or light) stop burning
  • Suddenly the lights went out.
Go over – examine or study thoroughly
  • Students must go over the study materials before taking the exam.
Go around – be enough for everyone
  • We don’t have enough food to go around.
Go through – suffer
After her husband’s death, the poor woman had to go through a lot of hardships.
Go with – (of colors) be in harmony with
  • Green goes well with orange.
Go without – endure the lack of
Plants can’t go without water. (= Plants cannot endure the lack of water.)
Phrases with go
Go to law – start legal action against somebody
Go to pieces – break up
Go to seed – become less active intellectually
Full of go – energy, enthusiasm
  • He is full of go. (= He is full of energy.)
Have a go at something – attempt
  • Next week, I am going to have a go at TOEFL. (= I am going to attempt TOEFL next week.)
On the go – busy, active
  • A laptop is an indispensable companion for professionals on the go.
To download original click here

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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Std.9 English U(II)-Ch.(2) – Song of a Dream - Slide Presentation by Mahija PT

Phrasal Verbs and 101 examples of Onomatopoeia

           The following is a list of 'Phrasal Verbs' and '101 examples of onomatopoeia' collected from the internet and sent to the blog by Sri. Ram Das Vallikkaattil.
Phrasal Verb
            A phrasal verb is a verb followed by a preposition or an adverb; the combination creates a meaning different from the original verb alone. The phrasal verb list here contains a phrasal verb, its  meaning and an example sentence in one row which will really be useful for the teachers and students of High School and Higher Secondary classes.

Click here to DOWNLOAD phrasal verbs


         Onomatopoeia is a word that imitates or suggests the source of the sound that it describes. Onomatopœia (as an uncountable noun) refers to the property of such words. Common occurrences of onomatopœias include animal noises, such as "meow" or "roar".
Sri. Ram Das Vallikkaattil
H.S.A. English
National High School,
By Rajeev Joseph

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Std.10 English-U(II)-Ch(3) - Blowin' in the Wind - Slide Presentation by Mahija PT

Mrs. Mahija P.T., HSA English of St.Thomas HSS Eruvellipra has prepared for English Blog a slide show on the chapter 'Blowin' in the Wind ' in the Xth Std. English text book.

Mahija P.T.
HSA English
St.Thomas HSS Eruvellipra

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Std.10 English-U(II)-Ch(1) - Project Tiger - Possible Discourses by Jisha K.

'The Project Tiger' is an interesting memoir which most of us dealt with in the class with enthusiasm. 

Mrs. Jisha K., who regularly shares with us study materials has prepared for us a collection of discourses that English Blog is proud to publish here.

Mrs. Jisha K.
HSA English
Govt. Boys HSS Tirur