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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

SSLC 2017 - English Question Paper Review by Jisha K.

A student friendly question paper

The English question paper designed for the s.s.l c learners for the year 2017 was student friendly. There are no ambiguities, no twists and turns and nothing to bewilder the learners. It takes into account all the types of learners and has given them ample scope for expressing themselves in their own manner. Most of the lessons are touched. It has discourses which suits to the meritorious as well as to the slow performers. Passages for comprehension are designed so well.

Appreciating poem gives scope for both the talented as well as the average learners. Profile writing is made easier since it is a repetition of the model question. Unseen passage is nothing to worry about since it is so simple. Conversation also appeared comforting for the student because it was one of the much practiced one.Notice pauses no threat at all.Write- up on reading books and its influence on Adichie for a changed perception also imparts a positive note.Diary entry of the doctor narrating his strange encounter with the snake too helps the children to relax while recollecting what they have learned.Almost all the major issue domains such as child labour,film making,social media, books,drugs and it’s misuse,hardworking and will power,are covered up.The official letter also did justice to the relevant issue .So altogether English did not make them sweat in fear.language elements are way easier to attempt. Even a wild guess could get you nearer to the answer.Some may feel disappointed at not finding pyramids and sentence patterns but no offenses since everything under language elements could lead you only to the answer.A double tag is also a blessing i n disguise.Hope all of them have done their best.

SSLC English 2017 - Answer Key by Anilkumar

Saturday, March 04, 2017