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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Reading cards to test reading comprehension by Jisha K.

These are some of the comprehension passages which can be used as reading cards to test the reading comprehension. Hope this would prove useful to the learners. There are a lot of sites that provide e-reading materials where a learner gets a chance to verify his answers. k5learning.com is one among them. These are printable as well. If it is designed with a little bit of pictures, it could add more beauty and there by make comprehension easier.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Let us brush up our listening and speaking skills - Jisha K.

The first post of this year is a brushing up our listening and speaking skills. This was prepared for us by Jisha K.

Dear learners,

Your summer hibernation is about to expire. It’s high time we plummet into our bookish delights.Before your memory plays tricks on you, each of you should shrug yourself off your pastimes, sleeping preferences and sluggish routine and gather the momentum. A lot of things await to entertain you. A veritable treasure house where you could get amused with language activities, more scope for emoting and higher chances to excel in your respective favorite fields. A world of new authors with unbelievable story telling skills, poems that take you to deeper levels of life, and a lot more to be more creative. With the outset of ‘the bountiful monsoon', you would slowly venture out splashing mud water all along. School days and it’s fun, and your longing to be with your friends..... Everything is as fresh as you left. You are welcome to your own world. In fact your school waits for you with smarter classrooms and smarter methods equipping itself with high-tech gadgets and faculties.

Before we get engaged in the textual works, let us find out some time for brushing up our listening and speaking skills.

I have compiled some of the motivating stories to entertain you. But at the same time, let me remind you that these could be used for the other skills as well. It depends on how you execute the task. So I have intentionally dropped the headings, morals,discussion points and the accompanying tasks. Hope with the help of your teacher you would be able to reap the fruits.Listening and speaking skills can be enhanced with a couple of other methods as well.With the help of I.C.T, you can actually make learning easier and lighter and of course smarter.If you think you could access them to incorporate into your daily classes, I would like to mention some apps that are really useful. The one I would recommend for listening and speaking skills is' Oxford Advanced listening and speaking' skills app. This would provide you the printed material along with it’s audio. You could pause,replay and hear what you left behind.There is another app named ‘Speaking English' which would also help you to speak correctly. But the time being,this would do for a starter. You could listen while the story is being told and try to answer the questions that you are asked to.Also keep in mind that you must comprehend the story. By the end of the first session, you would be able to have a thorough comprehension of the story. Now it’s up to you to reproduce the story,discuss the important issues that might have arrested your attention, role plays, skits, imaginary conversations,or screenplay the same etc..

Hope you would have a great time ahead.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Welcome back after Mid Summer Holidays

Dear teachers, students and parents,

The mid summer vacation is almost over and we are entering a new academic year. 

This vacation was a unique one as there were no special classes for High School students. Children were completely free and they must have played a lot ( hope not on mobile/computer).

Now its time to start studies again...

This year teachers have been trained how to incorporate ICT in teaching their subject / language.

Let us hope that this would be a fruitful..