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Monday, August 28, 2017

Onam Exam 2017 - English Answer Keys of Stds. 8, 9 and 10 by Mathew Mullamchira

An all in one post for the answer keys of all the three high school classes. English Blog thanks you Mathew sir on behalf of all teachers.


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  2. Dear Mathew sir,

    There are a few mistakes in your answer keys for the 10th standard.
    Your answer to question 31 (d) is wrong in two ways:
    1. ("The more I think of my village...") Here the clause given in the question paper is in the simple present tense. So your answer clause cannot be in the simple past. You should have given it in the simple present tense.
    2. Even when the tense is corrected, "the + comparative expression + subject + verb" structure is not correct in your answer. It should have been "the more nostalgic I become". Then only the sentence structure( in both clauses)becomes idiomatic. Your answer should have been "The more I think of my village, the more nostalgic I become."

    Similarly, your answer to question 33 is not right.
    "Zahra: What happened to my shoes?" This interrogative sentence is in the simple past tense. So in the reported speech, it should be changed to a statement in the past perfect tense. Your answer should have been " Zahra asked Ali what had happened to her shoes".

    Thanks and regards,
    Mahmud K

    1. Thank you Mahmud Sir. I shall be careful in my next attempt.

    2. Dear Mathew Sir,

      Thank you for your reply. Sir, if you find my suggestions are correct and acceptable, would you mind editing your answer key and re-posting it. Otherwise, if any students or teachers go with them, we will be instrumental for such mistakes.

      Mahmud K