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Sample Questions prepared by K.J.Shibu Kallada, GGHSS Balussery, Kozhikkode

Pool of Questions by Peermade Cluster-Unit 5 Std.X 

Govt.'s Question Bank Aug.2011 English Std.VIII
Govt.'s Question Bank Aug.2011 English Std.IX  
Govt.'s Question Bank Aug.2011 English Std.X

Sample Question English Aug.2011 Std.VIII
Sample Question English Aug.2011 Std. IX
Sample Question English Aug.2011 Std.X

Std VIII Unit Model Question Paper 
Sample Question Std. 8 Set-1 by Johnson Thiruvalla
Sample Question Std. 9 Set-1 by Johnson Thiruvalla 
Sample Question Std. 9 Set-2 by Johnson Thiruvalla 

Unit Plans
Comprehensive Unit Plan-Unit 5 of Std X -Peermade Cluster

Ready Speeches
Ready Speeches: Importance of Media

Ready Speeches: Importance of Media Today
Ready Speeches: Is God Relevant in this Digital World
Ready Speeches: My Village My Home 

How to download videos from the internet ? 

Enable Malayalam Font in Mobile 

Type Malayalam online 

ഇങ്ക് ജറ്റ് പ്രിന്ററില്‍ മഷി നിറക്കുന്ന വിധം  

ടൈം ടേബിള് സോഫ്റ്റ്വെയര്‍

പി.ഡി.എഫ് പേജിനെ മുറിച്ചടുക്കാം
PDF to Word Converter 
Linux installation related tips

Application for Correction of D.o.B 

Application for Correction of Other Documents


ആധാര്‍ കാര്‍ഡ് വരുന്നു. ഇനി ആളുമാറില്ല. 


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