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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Welcome to English Blog Team

Dear teachers,
                        English Blog this year plans to help teachers and students in two ways :

1. In improving English.
2. Exam oriented notes.

Those of you who are willing to participate in this mission please contact via mail or phone (Please see the right margin).


  1. Sir,
    It seems to me that the blog will look better if the front banner at the top of the page is edited and re-crafted. See the line - 'Collection of Audio, Video & Power point presentations'. Let me express my objection on representing the whole field of computer presentations as power Points. The field of computer or digital (its a better usage) presentaions covers proprietory softwares like Apple Keysoft, Microsoft Powerpoint, Cloud based (On-line, indepentent to Operating systems) softwares like PowToon, SlideRocket, Google Presntation, 280 slides and open/libre or free softwares like Open/libre office Impresses, Calligre Stage (younger brother of Abiword and now successor of K Presenter) and some adwanced setups like LaTex Beemer (I don't know how to use it, let us ask Dr. (Prof.) Krishnan about some of his Mathsblog presentaions made with LaTex codes). On all these jargons above or on the basis of a simple humanitarian way of thought, could i request you to change it as 'Digital Presentaions' ?

    pradeep mattara, Malappuram

    1. Of course Sir. Actually I had not thought about it that way at all. The cover page was done for English Blog by one of my friends who offered me help as I am not good at GIMP. The images and that particular line was by me but never seriously thought it that way. Thank you for bringing it into notice. I would again need somebody's help to change it. I will try to do it as early as possible.

      NB: Most of the knowledge you shared in the comment are new to me. Thanks again for those information.

    2. Hi sir, I am good at using GIMP. I can create a beautiful, awesome header image if you want. Contact me @ subins2000@gmail.com

    3. If You Could Give Me The content For The Header I Will Make One In Gimp