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Monday, July 29, 2013

Std. 9 English Unit I - Chapter I Summary of The Son from America ()

       Mr. Ram Das Vallikkattil, HSA English, National High School, Kolathoor, Malappuram has prepared for us a summary of 'The Son from America' the first lesson in Std. IX text book. He is very busy with some personal affairs but has been generous to prepare and share his materials state-wide. Thank you sir and we pray for your well being. Do leave some comments so that he get encouraged more.


  1. An old man, Samuel met in the Synagogue, told him that in old age one needed praying alone to remain healthy. They did pray and did have health.

    Can these sentence be considered as the part of the summary, as such a thing does not appear in the version of the story given in 9th std text?

    1. it shows the simplicity of one's life when they gt old... so it can be included in the summary, i think.