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Monday, September 16, 2013

Test Your Common Prepositions

1. I live in the big house ..... the corner.
    (on, in, of, to)
2. My son goes ..... English classes 5 days a week.
    (with, by, to, from)
3. My friend Lakshmi lives ..... Madhya Pradesh.
    (from, at, on, in)
4. The milk goes ..... the refrigerator.
    (on, in, of, at)
5. Will you come ..... me to the store ?
    (with, along, to, by)
6. My car will not start because it is ..... gas.
    (full of, out with, out of, with no)
7. Please put the plates ..... the table.
    (over, for, to, on)
8. I like to eat ice cream ....... chocolate sauce on top.
    (at, with, in, to)
9. Were you ...... church yesterday ?
    (at, to, on, for)
10. I am ...... work right now.
      (at, with, of, on)


  1. Good questions. Here is our students' first trial. Please confirm if they are all okay. Thanks.
    1. on 2. to 3. in 4. on 5. with 6. out of 7. on 8. with 9. at 10. at