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Saturday, February 25, 2017



Dear children ,we have almost reached the fag end of this academic year.The

journey we started in the month of the scanty monsoon with much

apprehensions and anxieties is going to be over within a couple of weeks.It was

a year which saw your blooming smiles,your longing to get recognized, you

sweating blood,your ambitions, your creativity etc.Now we are all gripped by

the exam fever.You tend to be anxious, tensed and worried because of no

apparent reason.While a little tension proves positive,more of it would upset

you and your performance. Let me help you to ward off those unnecessary

thoughts by pointing out a few of the strategies to douse your exam burn outs.


Preparing well in advance is what you are expected to do.Keep aside a

considerable amount of time for your studies, say 8 hours a day giving equal

weightage to all the subjects.Keep in mind that you should put aside a little

extra time to the subjects you feel you are not comfortable with.It is advisable

to have a clear idea about each of your lessons.Avoid new methods at the last

moment.Instead practice the previous question papers.In case you feel some

formulae or equation a hard nut to crack,write it on a piece of chart and paste

it on a nearby wall where your gaze may rest.Make your own time allotments

and stick to it.No one expect you to cram for exams right from the early

morning till late night. Take breaks to refresh. If continuous reading makes you

sick or bored,shift your attention, listen to your favourite song,or go for a stroll

,otherwise have a chat with your siblings or friends or munch some

snacks.After this short break you may feel energized,you can go on with your

reading or can change the subject if you want to sustain your interest in the

studies.If you think too much reading makes you sleepy,record your reading in

your own voice and listen to it.Always prefer morning time to learn because

after a good night’s sleep ,your mind is clear and clutter free with no

intervening thoughts to distract you and you have less distraction from around

you as well since every one is fast asleep.Your brain retains what you learn

without much distraction.Essay questions are to be prepared using short notes

in advance.later you could develop them into longer paragraphs.


1. Mobile phones,friends,relatives,guests,T.v.,games,functions, and

gatherings tempt one to forget one’s compelling duties.Hence make sure

that you won’t sacrifice the time you alloted for studies to the above said


I would even go to the extreme of advising you to uninstall and disconnect

those for a short while.But if you think you need net connection for a quick

reference,you may keep that. Keeping away yourselves from the blaring

sounds of the T.v and the radiating phones may make you healthier and

provide you greater concentration.


Exam times are usually hectic because you overwork.Hence you need a lot of

protein in the right amount. But do not take too much rice .Avoid simple carbo

hydrate foods like bread and pasta which release energy and blood sugar too

fast and too instantly in your body and lead to a drastic drop in energy

levels.Consume omega three fatty acids which are abound in fish and flax

seeds.Vegetarians could go for walnut and almonds.Sleep eight hours a day.Do

not shift to sudden changes in sleep which can cause sleep disorders and can

wreck havoc at your performances.You may fail to recollect or feel sleepy.If

possible drink a glass of milk before bed .Include a lot of leafy vegetables ,fruits

in your daily intake.Avoid oily and spicy food which may make you lethargic

and cause you stomach disorders.Drink a lot of water to prevent

dehydration.Most of you have the tendency to skip morning food.Breakfast is

the brain food.It is a must for the brain to shoulder the tasks you assign to

it.After the exam don’t rush to junk food or short eats instead prefer food that

is prepared at your home.This is no time for experimenting.


Once you have completed your preparation,you might feel enriched that might

make you more confident. Then anxieties ,to a great extend can be

avoided.We worry for the things that never happen.So teach your brain to feel

at home.Reach in advance,say half an hour before the appointed hour .Find

out your seat and settle in.All your tension may evaporate in seconds.Visualize

yourself as n A plus winner.Keep reminding yourself that you can make it.


You are going to be evaluated at the way you present your answers.No matter

how intelligent or studious you are,you are gauged only by the answer sheet

that you craft.So you have to be extra careful while writing your answers.The

examiner has no personal grudge or favour.He would never know that you are

an outstanding performer or an extremely talented and gifted person.Likewise

,he would equally be unaware of your negatives and pitfalls .So one could

never expect a lenience.But at the same time,you can forge your own

future.You are at a liberty to create a lasting impression on the examiner if you

care to adopt a handful of techniques.Present your answers in such a manner

that the ordinary may look extra ordinary.Leave nothing to chance.Pour out all

your efforts to make it impressive. You have to present your ideas as if the

examiner knows nothing about it.Supply all the details and at times give some

extra if the question demands it.Never take anything for granted.Write your

answers in the most beautiful and legible manner.Make your answer sheet

clean, clear and clutter free.Stick to 16 to 18 lines a page.Draw a line to

separate your answers after each sections.Select your pen prior to the

exam.Never try a new pen in the exam hall.They turn deceptive sometimes.

Look carefully the question numbers and write them down.Over excitement at

an expected question may turn things upside down.You may end up writing

the wrong answer if you do not care to read it carefully.You might have heard

your teachers reassuring that if you do not know answer, move on to the

next.But I would want you to stick to the order of the numbers.While

presenting your well prepared answers could get you a positive impression,

there are chances that you may miss some questions in a hurry and even you

may misrepresent the numbers.So it would be better to leave the space with

the question number and then move on to the well prepared one.By the time

you finish an answer confidentially,you would find yourself soon recollecting

the forgotten answers.You can come back to the former page and write the

answer.Repeating answers in alternative pages is a waste of time as marks can

be awarded only once.I hope no one would venture to such a grievous fault.I

would also want you not to break the fill in the blanks series and attempt them

individually.Neither are you expected to write the complete paragraph.Proof

reading should be done after you finish answering to check if you have missed

some points or headings or even question numbers.If you feel that you have

attempted a wrong answer ,you need not criss cross it with all the ink in the

seven oceans.Just a striking would do .


Let me remind you not to discuss a bad paper.Be it for good or bad it is always

beneficial not to discuss it at all.You want to make sure that you have written

the right answers and if it is right you feel relieved and more confident ,which

may boost your energies. But look at the flip side.If things go wrong ,you may

feel depressed and it is going to tamper the rest of the exams .Stay positive

and believe in yourself.


We know we need the unconditional support from our parents to motivate

,inspire and make us stronger at the time of exams especially.So dear

parents,let your presence make them reassuring and more confident.Shower

praise on your kids even at their little efforts and achievements.Don’t blame

them and compare them.Each child is unique in his own way.Focus on his

positive and cement it.Also keep them happy.Be a shadow that would remain

always with them.Extend all your help .Make your child feel that he is the best

and the most important person in the whole world to you.Give priority to his

time,needs and of course the exam.Let us hold those fingers since they are

facing the first exam that would determine their future.

Last but not the least be disciplined and

optimistic.Approach your exam centre with a brave

heart,dressed with a radiant smile.

“If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,

If you can dream and not make dreams your master,

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

And treat those two imposters just the same,

If you can fill the unforgiving minute

With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,

Yours is the Earth and every thing that’s in it.


Mrs. Jisha K.