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Saturday, August 17, 2013

ICT - A Tool for Teaching English Poems

                A good poem is a piece of art in which the imagination and the personal taste of the poet dominate. The aim of teaching poetry is, primarily, to enable learners to develop the skill of enjoyment and appreciation. The present system of teaching poems, followed by language teachers, hardly helps to realize the ultimate aim of teaching /learning poetry. Second language teachers, usually consider it as a daunting task and many students display hostility to poetry- a sense that it is difficult or ‘alien’ dominates in them.

               But the fact is that poetry remains as an inescapable part of language teaching. The main reason for poetry classes being uninteresting in the second language situation is that the teacher does not take into consideration the linguistic, cultural and psychological barriers which stand in the way of a proper appreciation of poetry. Contrary to the common belief that teaching of English poems is an uninteresting task, it can be really fun, interactive, and stimulating through contextualized activities, supported by very sophisticated audio- visual software and other creative resources. A careful integration of ICT into English Language Teaching (ELT) can certainly enhance the quality of language teaching, especially of poems. A move in this regard will help to overcome many of the existing barriers in the teaching/learning of English language. An attempt to infuse ICT is made here. The poem selected for the purpose is Winter Evening Settles Down by T.S. Eliot.

Prepared by
Sree Rekha.R,
HSST -English, DBHSS, Thiruvalla