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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

SSLC English - Unit I, II & III - Father's Help,Games at Twilight, Blue Bouquet & Teashops in Malayalam Cinema - Possible questions and answers

Annu Abraham
Std.10 A
St. Thomas HSS Erumely
       Annu Abraham is a studious student of Std. 10 A of my school. I asked her to prepare answers for possible questions from 'Father's Help' but did not tell her my intention to publish them in English Blog. What I mean is these are notes prepared by a student who never knew that they are going to be published. Still I feel that she has prepared it quite well.  

Her notes include the following

Unit I - Chapter 1 – Father's Help

Sample Character Sketches of
  1. Swami
  2. Swami's Father
  3. Samuel
Sample Letters
  1. Father to Headmaster
  2. Headmaster to Father
  3. Swami to Samuel
  4. Samuel to Father
Sample Conversations
  1. Between father and Samuel
  2. Swami and Samuel
  3. Swami and Father
Sample Diaries
  1. Samuel's Diary
  2. Swami's Diary
Unit I - Chapter 2 – Games at Twilight
Sample Diary
  1. Ravi's Diary
Sample Conversation
  1. Between Meera and Ravi
Unit II - Chapter 2 - The Blue Bouquet

Sample Letter

   1. Letter from the narrator to the police

Sample Diary
  1. Narrator's Diary
Sample Conversation
  1. Between the narrator and his wife
  2. Between the narrator and the hotel keeper 
Unit III - Chapter 2 - Tea shops in Malayalam Cinema
   1. Role of tea-shops in Malayalam cinema
     Hope these sample answers would be useful. Please don't forget to encourage her through your valuable comments. You can also share it using the Facebook or Google + links below. (Or would you be silently downloading as in the previous posts. English Blog has five digit visitors every day !!!!) Click on the following link to download...


  1. Sir give a special thanks for Anu abraham from science blog.Good job.good questions.very well done.


  2. Happy to see notes from a student like us. Thank you English Blog

  3. Keep it up Annu... good job... go ahead :)

  4. Sir / Madam,
    Shud the answers be this big ?

    1. No. Liya. Not necessarily. This is just a model. You can have a short one.

  5. Waiting for more.....

  6. An excellent job. Congrats!!!!

  7. Replies
    1. Why should you wait for Annu's notes ?

      Can't you prepare some Maria ?

  8. Really happy to see the comments. Thank you one and all. This is a humble attempt from a student like you.

  9. Really glad to see a student preparing notes for our blog.Annu you have become a good model to my students.

  10. Glad to see a student's notes. Welldone Anu

  11. Good job Annu keep it up

  12. I am proud of you Annu...
    Teachers are downloading your notes (without any prick of conscience !!!)

  13. very useful questions we don't expect this from a student very good

  14. annu valare nanni. njangalkkum ithokke cheyyaam alle

  15. valare nannaayirikkunnu. kooduthal pratheekshikkunnu.

  16. The answers are good but they are very elaborate answers. An average student would find it difficult to study

    1. Dear 'Anonymous',
      These answers are just samples. Not for by hearting. And, by the way, they are mostly meant for above average learners.

    2. good ,please help me for s.s questions for 10th.

  17. thanks annu for your suggestion and advice.....this really helped a lot

  18. Hai from the first chapter father's help one question came for my exam from first paragraph what is the unexpected move mentioned here?