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Thursday, March 13, 2014

17000+ Downloads of 2012 - 'MUKULAM'- Study Materials for HSS

     The District Panchayath, Kannur with the academic support of DIET Kannur has published these support materials for Plus Two students for all subjects that are now available online. These materials will enhance the quality of education in the state. Safe download and 'Happy learning'!

'MUKULAM'-2012-Support Materials 

for Higher Secondary


Physics 1 

Physics 2 




     Be at ease and confidant of your strengths and potentials. Go through each chapter and browse through the activities, worksheets and unit test given at the end. Then you will get a picture of what is there in each unit and help you to assess the support you will get from 'Mukulam'. Focus on the activities and questions which you find a bit tough or difficult. Refer back for the same type of questions or tasks worked out for you in the unit and apply your potentials on those 'tougher' ones. Then you will solve the tougher ones too. Download using links. Happy 'learning'! .

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